5 Tips On How To Keep Leaves & Debris Out Of Your Gutters

Do you know what crucial role gutters play in protecting your home?  They have a critical role in water drainage and preventing water damage by controlling the flow of water. Controlling where the water goes is essential to protecting your home from costly damage that can grow over time without you even knowing.

Is there anything you can do to make it easier to keep gutters from clogging If you’ve ever had these thoughts, you aren’t alone! Here are five tips you can use for easy gutter protection and greater peace of mind.

1.  Check Attachments – Over time, the places at which your gutters attach to your roof can become loosened or come away from your home altogether. If you’ve suffered a storm or your gutters are several years old, it’s possible that they may not be functioning efficiently due to damage to the attachments. Checking these and repairing any problems can help you achieve better results during the year.

2.  Trim Your Trees – If cleaning your gutters is your least favorite chore, gutter protection may actually begin with the root cause of the problem – your trees. If you have trees that have low-hanging branches or that are positioned over your roof, taking the time to trim your trees may help you preserve your gutters over the long term. Also, consider how the wind catches and carries leaves from unexpected locations.

3.  Routine Maintenance – Of course, routine maintenance is the best way to ensure gutter protection and help you find potential issues before they become major concerns. Sap and moisture on leaves make them sticky and cling to your gutters while airborne along with pine needles, twigs, shingle roof debris, and more can all be gathering in your gutters. Be careful climbing ladders thousands are injured and an average of 300 people are killed falling from ladders every year.

4. Prevent Nests & Pests  Birds can bring twigs and make a nest, squirrels tend to make leaf nests and store up acorns.  and even swarms insects can all be building up in your gutters. This will stop up your gutters and can cause water to build up and stagnate leading to mosquito problems.  You can install bird and rodent repellents near your gutters. This could be decoy predators like a life-like owl to offensive sound waves and smells.

5.  Gutter Guards – Wize Home Direct has lasting solutions to keep your gutters protected with our gutter guards. We offer a number of solutions for complete gutter protection, including gutter guards that make maintenance easier and your life simpler. If you are worried about convenience and affordability, our gutter guards are the perfect solution for your home.

You can enjoy gutter protection with a few simple steps, and at Wize Home Direct, we can discuss your needs and provide the products and services that will help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for a free estimate and for more information about our home solutions at 828-212-0580.

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