Basement Windows in Hickory, NC

If you have a finished basement, the windows might have been the last item on your checklist of things to replace. Old basement windows can be an eyesore and hurt your home’s energy efficiency. Instead, work with Wize Home Direct — a trusted basement window contractor in Hickory, NC — for a much-needed upgrade. With a range of styles in a sensible vinyl material, you can boost the look of your finished basement.

We offer both vinyl and wood framed windows for your home.

Are You Ready to Replace Your Basement Windows?

You may be considering window replacement in your basement for aesthetic purposes, but there could be other problems that signal you need new windows.

  • Appearance: If your windows look worn or damaged, you’re ready for replacements.
  • Insulation: Typically, with worn windows, there are gaps between the frame and the wall, which affects insulation. A window replacement will improve overall energy efficiency and keep your hot and cold air inside your house.
  • Material: In older homes, windows usually have wood frames that are susceptible to the effects of moisture. If you replace your windows with a vinyl material, moisture will not cause rot or mildew.


The Best Window Types for Basements

At Wize Home Direct, we have a few windows that would work well in a partially or fully above-ground basement, including:

  • Double-hung. This window type has vertical sliding panels on the top and bottom, allowing you to open the window at both ends. If your basement is above ground, they’re a great option to create good airflow and make cleaning easy.
  • Casement. This window style has a crank and hinges along the sides to make it open outward. Again, this style works best above ground and can help meet emergency exit codes.

We recommend our vinyl windows for basement installations because they withstand moisture well, and you never have to think about rotting. Both our double-hung and casement styles come in a vinyl material.

Reliable Basement Window Builder and Installer

Windows are a huge investment, regardless of where you wish to install them, which is why Wize Home Direct follows you through the entire process. Our designers will construct your window of choice to your space. Then our technicians will install the windows efficiently, so you can enjoy your revamped basement right away.

We also do everything we can to make sure you understand the benefits of our windows. We explain how your old windows may be causing problems and how our windows can make a difference in energy efficiency.

Bay Window

Bow Window

Casement Window

Single Hung Window

Double Hung Window

Contact Us for Basement Window Installation in Hickory, NC

Wize Home Direct is an excellent basement window company serving homeowners in Hickory, NC. Our attention to design and installation helps you receive a reliable product, and our team members give you peace of mind when it comes to your investment.

Get started on your basement window installation today by requesting a free quote. If you have any questions, give us a call at 828-212-0580.

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