Casement Windows in Hickory, NC

If you’re searching for replacement windows, think about the type that would best fit your home. With all the different window styles available, you need to consider factors such as how much space you have and the ventilation you want. Casement windows can be an excellent choice for many homes because of their versatility and easy opening. When you’re ready to replace your existing windows with a casement style, Wize Home Direct can be your trusted casement window installer in Hickory, NC.

We offer both vinyl and wood framed windows for your home.

Casement Window Advantages

Casement windows are hinged along the sides and use a crank to open outward. This type of construction creates many benefits, such as:

  • Various sizes. We can make our casement windows fit tiny spaces and large ones, making them versatile for a range of rooms.
  • Views. Unlike single- or double-hung windows, this type has one sash, leaving your view completely unobstructed.
  • Security. The hook-shaped locks on casement frames make this style secure.
  • Ventilation. When you open a casement window, the entire structure opens, making it excellent for ventilation.

These benefits make casement windows excellent additions to many rooms, such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and basements.


Choose Your Preferred Material

Windows in Hickory, North Carolina

The casement window building process first involves choosing the right material. When you opt for casement windows with Wize Home Direct, you can choose between vinyl or wood, both of which offer benefits.

Our vinyl windows are cost-effective and low-maintenance, and there’s no chance of rot, making them an excellent choice for any home. Our wood windows offer a warmer, more classic feel. To prevent rotting, we add a sturdy aluminum exterior to protect the material from moisture.

Whether you opt for vinyl or wood, all of our windows use effective insulation systems to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The Installation Process

At Wize Home Direct, we want you to feel confident about your investment, so we keep you informed about every step of the process. Before we start designing your casement windows, we’ll inspect your current windows to see if they show signs of rotting or poor energy efficiency. Then we’ll show you how our windows can fix those problems.

Once you feel good about the benefits of our windows, our designers will construct a plan to make them fit your space. We’ll make an installation appointment, and our technicians will install your windows accurately and efficiently.

Windows Designed to Last

When you choose us as your casement window company in Hickory, you’ll receive a product built to last. All of our windows are accredited through Keystone Certifications and supported by Good Housekeeping’s two-year limited warranty. If your window fails or breaks within the first two years, we’ll replace it or refund you. Our windows also have Energy Star ratings to confirm their energy efficiency.

Bay Window

Bow Window

Casement Window

Single Hung Window

Double Hung Window

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Revamp your space with new casement windows that improve your home’s energy efficiency. At Wize Home Direct, we’ll make the installation process seamless, so you can enjoy your new windows right away.

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