How Does Gutter Protection Work?

It’s a beautiful spring Saturday. Your family is about to go do something fun, they wave bye to you as your grabbing a ladder to clean out the gutters. Have you ever found yourself or family member in this scenario? Or the hassle and expense of hiring someone to clean your gutters? Clogged running over gutters is not on the list of great things about owning a home, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The great news is a lifetime of maintenance-free gutters can be obtained for your home if you know these two things to look for in selecting gutter protection: design type and strength.

If you take a look at gutter protection you will find all kinds of design types including a lot of bad ideas that make gutters just not work at all. If you are looking for an affordable but temporary fix, then a metal screen will work that’s flush with your gutters such as Master Flow Water Management System.

Gutters in Hickory, North Carolina

If you’re looking for the most reliable for your forever home, then keep the following in mind. This type of gutter protection will be some type of metal curved nose that is meant to have water flow in while leaves, pine needles, insects, and nests keep out.  The majority will be a metal reverse curve or nose flush design with names like K-Guard, Leaf Guard, and Gutter Guard. That looks like this.

This design is old technology that was patented all the way back in 1908. The problem with this is lack of surface tension and the effectiveness of actually protecting your gutters from debris being dragged in the gutters as you can see here.

Gutter Protection Product Reviews by the NCR Consumer Advocacy Group only gave this type of gutter protection 2 out of 5 for Effective Protection Coefficient.

Newer technologies have been able to replace this with a nose forward design. This technology ensures debris stay out and water goes into your gutters. It’s also more visually pleasing when it comes to curb-appeal as you can see in this picture of Leaf Lock Gutter Protection.

The second thing to keep in mind for maintenance-free gutters for the lifetime of your home is the strength of your gutter protection and gutters.  This is the strength of the hanger and brackets that secure the connection between the gutter and the hood of the gutter protection.

Majority of gutter protection use cheap aluminum or plastic brackets. If you find any savings here it will not be long-term due to plastic can warp and break with exposure to heat and cold. Strength is also important for long lasting quality of gutter protection because of risks like strong winds, falling tree limbs, and water freezing. If you never want to have to do maintenance again to your gutters, then make sure your brackets are made of strong brackets. The strongest and longest lasting on the market is LeafLock Gutter Protection as you can see here with their 1/8th “ steel and can actually make your existing gutters stronger.

LeafLock brackets are also the only free-floating system. Brackets float on the hanger eliminating any buckling issues with the panel and have a lifetime-of–the-home warranty.

If you’re looking to eliminate gutters problems for life? Wize Home Direct is the one to call to combine the truly unique and dynamic duo of LeafLock Gutter Protection or even better with an upgrade of a SnapLock Gutter System. Both are the strongest and longest lasting gutter system and gutter protection on the market.  When you install SnapLock Gutter System and LeafLock Gutter protection together in your home you never have to think about your gutters again, GUARANTEED for no clogs!

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