Bedroom Windows in Hickory, NC

Your bedroom is a personal space designed for your comfort. With new windows, you can personalize your space even further. At Wize Home Direct, we have a variety of window styles for your bedroom renovation project. As a trusted bedroom window company in Hickory, NC, we’ll help you transform your space with durable and attractive window replacements.

We offer both vinyl and wood framed windows for your home.

Choose Your Ideal Material

When choosing the windows for your bedroom, you can use vinyl or wood. Vinyl windows are an industry standard, and they’re popular among many of our customers because they’re low-cost, low-maintenance and resistant to rot.

Wood windows are an excellent option if you’re looking for something warm and traditional. Our wood windows come in a variety of finishes to match your bedroom. To eliminate the risk of rot, we enforce our windows with a heavy aluminum exterior.

Both window materials have built-in insulation and energy-efficiency mechanisms to keep your hot and cold air inside the house.


Pick a Style That Fits Your Bedroom

Choosing a window type depends on how much space you have, the view you want and the ventilation you’re interested in. Our window styles include:

  • Single-hung. This traditional style has a single moving sash on the bottom.
  • Double-hung. Double-hung windows have two moving sashes, allowing you to open the top and bottom.
  • Bay. This style is excellent for framing a beautiful view, and it uses a fixed window with two angled windows on either side.
  • Bow. Similar to a bay window, a bow style uses a series of windows to create an arch-shaped window.
  • Casement. This window has hinges on the side and uses a crank to open outwards.

Our Bedroom Window Installation Process

Replacing your windows is a big investment, and at Wize Home Direct, we like to ensure you feel comfortable with every step of the process. We start by inspecting your old windows to see how they may be hurting your home’s energy efficiency. We’ll also show you the systems our windows use to prevent heating and cooling leaks.

Once you understand how our windows will make a difference, one of our designers will create a blueprint based on your space. Then our technicians will visit your home with your carefully crafted windows and install them correctly and efficiently. We include you in every step of the process, and once we install your windows, you can count on us for other replacements in the future.

Benefits of Working With Wize Home Direct as Your Bedroom Window Builder

We trust the quality of our products and services. Every window is backed by Good Housekeeping’s two-year limited warranty. If your window doesn’t work as promised within the first two years, we’ll replace it or refund you. Keystone Certifications also accredits our windows.

Energy Star ratings mean our windows improve your energy efficiency. When you purchase our windows for your Hickory home, you can expect reliable and attractive products.

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