Energy-Efficient Windows in Hickory, NC

Everyone wants a way to reduce their energy bill. While you can lower your thermostat, cut back on oven usage or take shorter showers, windows are the big culprit of inefficiency in your home. Old windows with cracked panes or worn insulation could let hot and cold air out regularly, making your systems work harder to compensate for the loss.

At Wize Home Direct, we provide replacement windows to help reduce your energy bill. Count on us as your energy-efficient window installer in Hickory, NC.

Vinyl and Wood Windows for Energy Efficiency

We offer our windows in vinyl and wood materials for greater customization. However, both include energy-efficiency systems to insulate your home.

Vinyl is a popular choice among many of our customers because it’s low-maintenance, rot-free and budget-friendly. Our manufacturers at Earthwise Windows cater their vinyl windows to your climate to ensure they’re prepared to handle temperature changes and moisture. You can count on our efficient vinyl windows to keep your hot and cool air inside the house.

Wood windows are an excellent option for those wanting a warm and classic look. To prevent rot with this material, we use heavy-gauge aluminum exteriors. We also implement advanced technology, including low-E glass and Duralite™ — to keep our wood windows energy efficient, minimize UV rays and insulate the glass.

Choose Any Style for Any Room

Our energy-efficient window systems work with every window style we offer. You can choose among:

  • Casement: With hinged sides and an opening crank, these windows open outward for ventilation.
  • Single-hung: This traditional window type has a single moving sash, allowing you to open the window at the bottom.
  • Double-hung: Like a single-hung style, this type has sliding sashes that move up and down. This configuration opens from the top and bottom.
  • Bay: Bay windows have a fixed, centered picture window with two angled windows on each side.
  • Bow: Often confused with bay windows, bow-style windows use a series of windows to create an arched shape.

With all the types to choose from, you can enjoy energy efficiency in style. Add replacement windows to any room of your home, such as the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, basement or sunroom.

Bay Window

Bow Window

Casement Window

Single Hung Window

Double Hung Window

Choose Energy Star Windows for Your Hickory Home

Every one of our windows has an Energy Star rating to confirm their energy efficiency. Beyond our efficiency certifications, Good Housekeeping also backs our windows with a two-year limited warranty. If your window breaks within the first two years, we’ll refund you or provide a replacement.

Contact Wize Home Direct for High-Efficiency Windows in Hickory, NC

At Wize Home Direct, we can help make your home more energy efficient. Find the windows that suit your space and enjoy the benefits. Our team will guide you through the installation process to make you comfortable with your investment. When we finish installing your windows, we’ll even measure thermal energy with a British Thermal Unit (BTU) meter to show just how airtight they are.

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