Roof Replacement, Hickory, NC

Shingle Roofs

We use the thickest shingles to fortify your new roof. You can have the look of classic wood-shake with the thickness and durability of fiberglass asphalt shingles. Have peace of mind that you have the best with a lifetime warranty.

Metal Roofs

Are you after the longevity and aesthetics of a metal roof? The performance of metal roofs is proven and last up to 50 years or more.
They can contribute to making your home more energy efficient by helping keep your home cooler during those hot summer months. You can choose from many colors to fit the style and personality you want for your home.

You won’t need to turn anywhere else when you come to us for roof replacement in Hickory.

Roof Replacement in Hickory, North Carolina

Knowing you need a roof replacement and actually scheduling the job are two very different things. Sometimes one of the hardest parts about being a homeowner is knowing where to turn when you need an important service like roofing. At Wize Home Direct, we understand that your roof is a critical feature of your home, and we also know you won’t need to turn anywhere else when you come to us for roof replacement in Hickory, North Carolina.

The need for roof replacement comes in many forms and could be related to something severe, like storm damage, or something minor, like your shingles wearing out. The most important thing you can do, regardless of why you need roof replacement, is to make sure you take care of the problem early on to prevent any additional damage to your home.

When you come to us at Wize Home Direct for your roof replacement needs, you’ll find that not only can we supply you with high-quality roofing materials that will last, but we also provide comprehensive exterior home remodeling solutions that make it easier than ever to update your home as you see fit. Our expert staff members will make recommendations for the ideal roof replacement options, and then schedule your services when it’s convenient for you. We can also discuss whether new gutters or windows will be an important step for your home.

Contact us at Wize Home Direct today if you need roof replacement solutions in Hickory. We are equipped to assist you with all your exterior home remodeling needs from top to bottom.

Metal Roof

Metal Roof in Hickory, North Carolina

A metal roof can hold up to just about anything and will provide years of protection for your home in Hickory. At Wize Home Direct, we often have our clients ask us about roofing materials and whether a metal roof is as good of a choice as some other, more common roofing materials (…)

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