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Ratings & Reviews

We recently had work completed by Wize Home Direct and they far exceeded our expectations! They were responsive to all requests, very professional, I'm only sorry that I didn't have them do all the work to my house. Just absolutely phenomenal I cannot thank them enough!

Chris H.

Our installers did a great job. They knew what they where doing, were courteous, respectful, and worked hard. After they were done they cleaned up so you wouldn't have known that they had been there. Without a doubt our best experience ever with a home improvement company.

Jeff G.

Wize came when they were supposed to and kept me informed. They explained all of the work that was completed. Their prices were reasonable. Staff that did the work were very friendly and professional. I am well pleased with the service they provided. The guys did exceptional work and were very knowledgeable.

Mildred K.

Came out for a quote, they were very professional. They had great salesmanship  without being pusy. Will use when I am ready to complete my project .I hate pusy salesmen

Heather Robinson

Wize Home Direct did a beautiful job on my roof. I will be using thrm again in the future. Quality work and very professional and friendly.

Debbie Lester

They was very knowledgeable about their products everything was done on a timely matter I would use them again

David Autrey

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the business!