Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Windows by Wize Home Direct
Wize Home Direct Tips for Staying Cool this summer in your Home

Memorial Weekend started the unofficial launch of summer and by June 20 it will be officially here. Bring on the sun, the fun, and the sweet taste of watermelon this Summer. The hotter the sun gets you might be wondering how can I keep my home cool and comfortable without sending the energy bills through the roof? Wize Home Direct has a few helpful tips we want to share through the week to help you stay cool this summer.

Be Strategic with Your Windows. What do we mean by that? It’s simple really just keep a few things in mind. If you tend to want to open your windows ask yourself first is it cooler outside then in? Only open your windows if the answer is yes. Stick to having open windows more in the evenings, night, and cooler outside than during the heat of the day.

Did you know you could strategically create a flow of air through your home with your

Windows by Wize Home Direct

windows? If you have a two-story home you can do this by opening windows on the cooler side of your home downstairs and the sunny window upstairs. Even though it sounds contradicting to the earlier statement this works, because, heat rises. For it to be even more effective add a fan in the upstairs window to draw out the heat. You can also work with any natural breezes outside in this way opening the coordinating windows it flows through

Are you a homeowner? The type of windows you have in your home can make a big difference in energy efficiency both in the winter, as most people know, but also can play a key role in keeping your home cool during the summer. Did you know the average window lets in 80% of the solar heat from outside? That can make for either an uncomfortably hot home or very high-energy bills to cool the extra heat. If you are looking to invest in your home to make it more energy efficient and maintenance free choosing the right windows is of utmost importance. Be sure to look for these important factors when choosing a window. You should look for a


high-performance low-E coated window like The Solar Ban 70 Low-E Glass Vinyl Windows we have at Wize Home Direct. An important number to look for is the SHGC# you should find in a window. SHGC stands for Solar Heat Gain Compliant and we are proud to say our Eclipse Comfort Tech Windows only have an SHGC# of .19 that equals only 19% of solar heat gain. With a number of 80%, solar heat gain on the average window and one that has less than 20% makes a significant difference. This is when being strategic with your windows will not only keep you cool but will pay for themselves in the long run. If we can help you with any of your home improvement needs just give us a call at 828-212-0580.

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