Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Trends of 2018

It’s 2018 and bathroom design trends are hard to follow, but here’s the great news if you ARE NOT in the market for a full bathroom remodel you might be safe because neutral and organic tones are still in. So is white subway tile– we haven’t seen the sunset on this trend so maybe it’s not a trend anymore and just a bathroom staple? Neutral tones and white subway tile are timeless and their correct application in your bathroom remodel can be just the bright and updated look you are craving.

Tiny Bathrooms

Similar to the tiny house movement that took the spotlight in the late 1990’s, homeowners are finding new ways to embrace the space they have and make them as efficient as possible. Maintaining the luxury of a high-end bathroom remodel and fitting it into a less-than-luxury amount of space can be difficult but is definitely possible. Draw up your own basic floor plan and determine the best use of your space– every spare inch makes a difference in your design. So no, bigger is not always better when it comes to your bathroom, focus on efficient use of space and don’t be afraid to splurge for small-scale luxury– you’d be surprised at the difference it can make. Our favorite tip for the tiny bathroom in your home: Swap traditional cabinets for shelving to increase the perception of space.

Black Fixtures

This one is simple– black is timeless. And because bathroom trends are more simplistic in 2018 nothing is more beautiful than the contrast of a light to white tile and black bath fixtures. The more seamless the design in the bathroom the more expensive it will look– so be sure to carry over to the vanity with a white sink and black faucet and knobs.

Floating Vanities

One of the cooler and typically easier designs for 2018 is the floating vanity option– great for space saving as it removes the need for cabinetry below. They also have the potential to be a bold and unique style that really draws the eye. This can be the basis for your complete bathroom redesign project– build the design around your vanity.

Bold Design Features

A bold design feature can mean something as easy as painting a single wall as an accent wall or it can be all the way to incorporating a really fun and unique tile to the shower walls or the bathroom backsplash. With new technology, so many designs have been made possible, hexagon shaped tiles to chevron designs on traditional diamond-shaped or square tiles. Another design feature that can really step up your bathroom design is well-planned lighting. If your bathroom could use some natural light you might consider a new window treatment to brighten the room. Small lighting fixtures over the vanity and shower can make a huge difference and step up the design quality of your bathroom for relatively cheap. Even if it’s something as simple as a neutral pattern on the floor or shower. Or something as dramatic as this beautiful turquoise Moroccan fish scale tiles.

Integrated Showers

This is a huge one and probably the most contemporary in terms of renovation ideas. This style is popular in Europe– where the shower is completely tiled, floor to ceiling, but the shower has no door. In the picture below you see the zero-entry shower and a small glass slab, which serves to keep water from falling all over the bathroom floor. The only downside to this is that integrated showers tend to get a little bit chilly especially for someone who is used to having a shower door or curtain to keep the steam in the shower with you. However, this is truly a great remodel idea for someone who wants to redo a tiny bathroom because the small glass slab versus a bulky curtain or door can be just what the room needs to appear much bigger.


Remember the basics. Be careful of trends– you never know when they may change. Make sure that you’re choosing a design because YOU love it, not just because it’s what’s “in” at the moment. Above all, make sure you pick something that will make your bathroom a place you enjoy looking at and being in. Don’t be afraid to commit to a design and follow it all the way through because seamlessness is priceless. Whether you want to design your new bathroom around a tile, a rug, a sink, a certain type of shower head- whatever it is– let it inspire your design. Have fun building your dream bathroom!

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