Summer Energy Saving Tips

  1. Block Out the Sun

As great as natural light in the home looks, it also can heat up the home in the summer when temperatures are high. One of the easiest things you can do to keep your home cooler and energy bills lower is to block out the heat from the sun during the times the sun is directly coming in. Depending on which direction your windows are some of them may need to be blocked during the morning hours while the other side might need the afternoon hours. You can buy blackout curtains, shades, or any type of window treatment that can block out the sun from the hottest parts of the day.

2. Love to Grill

An easy thing to do to keep your home cooler and energy bills down is not use your stove and oven as much as possible. Learn to love to grill, microwave, or even bake something in a small toaster oven, anything instead of using all the heat your oven puts out. To take these types of saving further don’t run your dishwasher or washer and dryer during the hottest parts of the day. Wait until morning or night when possible to keep your air conditioning from having to work even harder.

3. Use Fans

Use fans instead of air conditioning as much as possible. During the hottest parts of the day when you are home, it can be too hot for just fans but other parts of the day consider just using ceiling or oscillating fans to cool down. According to the Department of Energy, the use of fans can allow you to raise your thermostat up to 4 degrees without feeling any discomfort.  Make sure your ceiling fans are going in a counterclockwise direction for the summer and when you leave the room you turn them off. At night you could also open your windows and let cool air come in.

4. Windows

Do you have old single pane windows or ones that have little energy efficiency? While new windows is an investment it is one that will pay for itself over time with lowering your energy bills year round. If this is something you need you can start with a free estimate that allows you to know how much to plan for or take advantage of financing offers.  

5. Copperflect Insulation

Copperflect is an exclusive product that can drastically help your energy bills in the summer and keep your home cooler without running her air conditioning harder. The 99.99% pure copper reflects up to 98% in both directions, helping to reject heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter, lowering utility bills. More moderate attic temperatures with higher efficiency heating and cooling mean greater overall comfort in your home.

Wize Home Direct offers free consultations about windows, insulation, and any of your home improvement needs. We also offer financing options to help you reach your home improvement needs.

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