Single-Hung vs Double-Hung Windows

When you’re thinking about updating your windows, your choices can reflect your style,  impact the curb appeal and look of your home and even affect your energy bills. Single-hung and double-hung windows are both very popular, but they do have some key differences.

The Pros and Cons of Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have one sash that stays stationary and one — the bottom sash — that opens. The benefits of these windows include lower costs when compared with double-hung windows. These windows also can be easier to install in some cases. They’re a good style fit for older and historic homes, since older architecture typically used single-hung windows.

However, they also have some drawbacks. One is that the upper sash may be harder to clean if your window is on an upper floor and you can’t easily access the outside of the window.

The Pros and Cons of Double-Hung Windows

One of the big benefits of double-hung windows is your ability to choose which window sash to open. You can open the bottom or top one. On a windier day, you can get some fresh air without a breeze in your room.

This same feature can mean better ventilation when compared with single-hung options. If you open both sashes, the bottom part of the window will allow cooler air to enter while warm from inside your home will be able to exit out of the top. Double-hung windows also have tilt sashes, which let you tilt both the upper and lower sash inside for easy cleaning.

Are double-hung windows worth it? Double-hung windows do cost a bit more than their counterparts, but they might be a better choice depending on the level of convenience you want and the look of your home. They are ideal for Cape Cod, Colonial, Craftsman and Victorian architecture and may fit some modern home styles as well.

Which Is Better — Double-Hung or Single-Hung Windows?

Both double-hung and single-hung windows can be energy-efficient and attractive. Your choice may come down to the style of your home and your personal tastes. You may also want to consider where your replacement windows are going. If you are updating the look of a bungalow or your lower story, single-hung windows can make sense, while double-hung models work best for upper floors.

You might also think about whether you want more ventilation in a bathroom, kitchen or other space or whether you want an economic solution.

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