Parts of a Window

What are the parts of a window called? Knowing how to answer this question can help you when you look at replacement windows. Knowing the interior and exterior parts of a window lets you talk knowledgeably with manufacturers, installers or other professionals so you get the look and energy savings you want.

Parts of a Casement Window

Casement windows open with a crank. They consist of the following components:

  • Argon: Some manufacturers place this gas between glass panels of the window to provide insulation. Argon is non-toxic and invisible. It is not included in every casement window.
  • Aluminum clad: Extruded aluminum covers the outside wooden parts of the window to protect your home from the elements.
  • Hinged panel: Most casement windows have a panel of glass which is on a hinge so it can swing open and closed.
  • Casing: The casing is the framing or molding which covers the space between the wall and the frame of the window. It makes the window look polished and finished from inside your home.
  • Operator: This component is the crank that opens your window. It may also include a locking mechanism to safeguard your home.
  • Weatherstripping: This flexible material sits between the frame and the window sash to keep your windows energy-efficient.

Parts of an Awning Window

An awning window has similar parts as a casement window. However, one of the unique parts of window trim on an awning window is the hinge at the head, which is where the window swings out from.

Parts of a Double-Hung Window

One of the unique components of a window opening with a double-hung window is the sash. The sash is the movable part with glass, which you can move up and down and which may have a lock on top. This type of window also has three rails linked to the sash. The middle rail, also called the check rail, is where the lower and upper sash meet when the window is closed. The lower and upper rails create the horizontal part of the sash.

Parts of a Single-Hung Window

Like the double-hung window, a single-hung window has sashes. Jambs on the double-hung window are the vertical sections that support the structure. This type of window also features pivot lock shoes, which are found in the jamb. They help the window lock in place. These windows also have tilt latches to keep your window upright.

Parts of a Sliding Window

A sliding window has a windowsill with a rail on it, on which the panes slide side to side to open and close the window. The top section includes a top jamb, also with rails on which the top part of the pane is secured. In addition to sashes, this type of window has a sash pull or handle, which lets you grasp the sash to slide the window open.

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