Inflation Roared Back To Life Last Year After A 30-Year Hiatus

Inflation, a worrisome foe that has been dormant for more than three decades, is back. It is now 6.2 percent, the highest level since 1990. Gas is at $5 per gallon in California and parts of the East Coast. Rising prices for building materials are already a concern, particularly for homeowners needing remodeling projects or other work done to their homes. With prices set in contracts for projects that won’t be installed for many weeks.

Is this causing a slow down in home improvements? No! Home improvement is actually on the rise. With the price of homes inflating people are choosing to either stay and fix the problems or improve their homes to sell and cash in. So home improvement continues to be in strong demand.

What does all this mean for homeowners? Urgency! Most people don’t have the cash at hand to obtain wanted or much-needed work done on their homes.

Financing is an important factor in being able to get these projects accomplished. Inflation means higher interest rates could also be on the rise. If you are in need of renovations or home improvements don’t wait until financing rises to a price where it was no longer a good choice.

With product delays, inflation, and the likely interest rate increases, now is the time to plan ahead. Think about how old and what shape critical parts of your home are, such as your roof and gutters, windows, siding, decks, and other important areas of your home.

We offer great financing options and can help you navigate through what works best for you and your family. Our seasoned home improvement experts can help you plan and prepare for all your projects. Our quotes are good for 6 months. Locking in prices now with inflation on the rise is more important than ever! Call now and set up a free estimate now for any future projects you are considering.

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