How to Choose the Best Window Trim for Your Home

When you think of your home’s window trim, you’re thinking of the decorative pieces around your windows that give your house its character. Your trim could be subtle with a reserved, mature look. It could use elaborate designs, drawing the viewer’s eye to your large, custom windowpanes. Trim comes in all shapes and sizes, and the type of trim you choose for your windows can change the entire aesthetic of your house.

With so many window trim options to choose from, you might not know where to begin. You want different types of trim on the inside of your home than you do on the outside, where all your neighbors will see what you choose. Regardless, you’ll need some modern window trim ideas to make sure you’re aware of today’s styles. We at Wize Home Direct have assembled some tips and ideas to help you make your decision!

Tips for Choosing Interior Window Trim

Interior window trim hides the small gap between the window jam and the surrounding wall. Practically, it helps keep outdoor weather and insects from entering your home. When you’re inside your house, the trim around your windows is going to catch your eye every time you look outside. It can set the tone for the entire room. Since you spend a lot of time in your home, you should make sure it fits your style.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your interior window trim:

  • Be consistent: Your window trim can be as simple as a picture frame or as elaborate and ornate as your mind can imagine. You should try to be consistent with your interior window trim styles throughout your house, or at least within each room. Mixing and matching designs of trim can make a room feel chaotic.
  • Match sizes: This is especially important within each room. If two sides of your window trim are 2 inches wide and the other two sides are 4 inches wide, that will cause a feeling of disharmony within the room. Make sure to keep the width the same for all four sides of your windows’ trim.
  • Be conscious of each room: Big rooms can have wider trim. Small rooms should keep the trim a little thinner. Having wide trim in a small room can make the room feel even smaller while also giving the room a bit of a corny feel. Try to match the feel of each room and scale your window trim to size.
  • Choose colors based on wall color: If you want your window to blend seamlessly with the wall, then choose the same color for your trim as your walls. Some homeowners prefer a contrasting look to show off their trim and make their windows stand out. You could also stain your trim to reveal the beautiful wood grain.

Modern Exterior Window Trim Ideas

You might feel a little more stressed about your exterior window trim. Friends and neighbors will see it every time they visit or pass your house. Remember that everyone’s tastes are different, and all that matters is your personal satisfaction with the end result!

Choosing the color and style of exterior trim relies heavily on the style and shape of the outside of your house. Here are some tips to help as you’re replacing trim around exterior windows:

  • Ranch style houses: These types of houses incorporate straight edges and the use of squares and rectangles. Try using simple, more reserved picture frame-style window trim to accentuate the house’s angles and lines.
  • Prairie style houses: This house style often has large windows or groups of windows surrounded by the same area of trim. For these houses, wider, more bold trim is especially attractive, as it helps balance with the large windows.
  • Victorian or cottage style houses: These houses have a lot of charm and character, utilizing curved edges and striking architecture. For these homes, you have more room to experiment with interesting, curved designs for your trim.

The Four Aspects of Window Trim

There are no hard and fast rules when choosing types of window trim for your house. In the end, it’s up to you. Choose trim that you’ll be happy with. Remember to go over the following four aspects of window trim to make sure you’ve considered the most important elements of your new trim:

  1. Styles: There are so many styles to choose from for your interior and exterior window trim. You have control over the curves and designs of your trim. It can be as ornate or as simple as you want it to be.
  2. Materials: Some of the most common materials for your window trim include hardwoods, poplar, pine and paint-grade woods. Choose your favorite type of wood and let the wood grain speak for itself. Or, choose a paint-grade trim if you intend to paint the trim your favorite color.
  3. Size: The size of your trim matters. Determine trim width by considering the size of the windows as well as the room. Ask a professional for their opinion on the size you should go with for your specific need.
  4. Color: If you’ve chosen a trim with a beautiful wood grain, you’ll probably want to stain staining it. Choose a wood species that has a tone that complements the color scheme of your house. Or, try complementing or contrasting your paintable trim with the colors of your house for the perfect look.

Things to Consider When Choosing Window Trim

Your window trim is highly customizable.  A lot of the decision-making process comes down to personal preference, but there are some things to consider that are true for everybody. Keep these four things in mind when choosing window trim:

  1. Ease of installation: How easy will it be to install the type of trim you want? Elaborate, customized trim can be expensive to make and install. Ask a professional to give you a timeframe estimate and see if any aspects of your new trim make it more difficult to install.
  2. Cleaning and maintenance: You’re going to have to clean your trim to keep it looking good as new. Wash once or twice a year with water and a mild detergent. Use a vinegar and water solution if you notice mold or mildew starting to develop. Remove water spots by cleaning with distilled water or rubbing alcohol.
  3. Where you will use the trim: Location affects the kind of trim you use. Interior trim should match the size of the room and the other pieces of trim within the room. You have more freedom with external trim, but remember to match the style of your house.
  4. Visual continuity: Matching the trim of each of your windows is crucial. When looking at your house, make sure the trim around all the windows is the same. In a room with several windows, the same rule applies. Keeping all the trim the same is the first step toward a feeling of balance inside and outside your home.

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