How Often Should You Replace Your Windows?

How long do windows last? They can last for years, but there may come a time when you need to replace them to help control energy costs or to upgrade the look of your home. Knowing when to replace your windows can help you make the right investment in your home.

What Is the Lifespan of a Window?

How many years do windows last? It depends on the use, quality, materials and even the climate you live in. In general, modern windows can last an average of 15 to 20 years. If you live in an area with heavy storms, high humidity or extreme weather you may need to replace your windows more often. Some durable vinyl windows are expected to last up to 25 years and come with warranties for that time period.  

In between this time, you may be able to bolster your windows with caulking and with repairs to keep them functional and energy-efficient. As your windows approach the end of their expected lifespan, however, you may want to consider replacements.

How to Tell If You Need New Windows

How do you know when it’s time to replace windows? Look for these signs:

  • Your windows are seriously damaged. A warped or damaged frame or sash may warrant a replacement rather than a repair.
  • You’re considering selling your home. New windows improve curb appeal, so they’re a selling point.
  • Your windows are outdated. If you want to update your home, new windows will freshen up the interior and exterior.
  • Your energy bills are high. Drafty windows can increase your heating and cooling costs by letting in ambient heat and drafts. While weatherstripping may help, replacing older single-pane windows with modern, energy-efficient ones will have a larger impact.
  • Your window frames are soft or damaged. Soggy or damaged window frames can cause the window to sag and require a replacement in some cases.
  • You can hear a lot of noise from outside. Excessive noise can be a sign of older, poorly insulated windows. Replacement windows can help you enjoy your quiet home and can even help you sleep at night.
  • There is condensation between the panes. This sign indicates that the seals are no longer viable and any Argon or Krypton gas which was insulating your windows and home has escaped.

Should I Replace All Windows at Once?

If your windows are outdated, replacing them all at once will give your home a cohesive overall look. If you are on a budget, replacing one window can still make a difference, especially if only one window is not performing well. The right replacement options can depend on your home and situation.

Choosing the Right Window Replacement Company

The right company can listen to your needs and work with you to find the right replacement. They can answer your questions and have a deep understanding of window styles, design, the technical details of each window and the installation process. A team of professionals will offer exceptional service and a strong warranty.

Contact Wize Home Direct for All Your Window Needs

If you’d like the right professionals to handle your window replacement, turn to Wize Home Direct. Contact our team for a quote or to learn more about our free inspections and design consultations.

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