Do I Really Need Gutter Protection?

Fall is on its way and along with cozy sweaters, pumpkin spiced everything, and beautiful colored leaves are falling leaves, pinecones, and debris. If your a homeowner that maintains and protects your home from damage then you should consider if you need gutter protection and should ask yourself these important questions.

  1. How Far Away Are Trees From My Home?
  1. For a homeowner, trees can be a blessing and a curse. You love the beauty, shade, and privacy, but they can also cause issues with leaves, limbs, roots, or even fall down during a storm. The first question to ask yourself if you need gutter protection is do you have trees within 200 feet from your home? Wind and rain can blow leaves and debris a long way and the more possible leaves that can get into your gutters the more you need gutter protection.
  2. 2. Do You Want To Stay Safe?
  1. Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, “Each year there are more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries and 300 deaths in the U.S. that are caused by falls from ladders? Most ladder deaths are from falls of 10 feet or less.”  Each time you step on a ladder to clean your gutters you’re risking your well being and even life. If you have some else do this for you have someone else do this for you they are at risk of falling and you could be sued.

3. Do You Want To Protect Costly Damage To Your Home?

Gutter Protection is one of the home improvement projects that prevent water damage to your home. Many people don’t realize that gutter protection does more than protect your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause a vast amount of water damage starting with the fascia boards behind your gutters and can extend all the way into your walls or start causing damage to the foundation of your home. By preventing both clogged gutters and ice dams gutter protection is not just protecting your gutters but they also can prevent damage to your roof, walls, siding, foundation, and landscaping.

These are all  important reasons to consider getting gutter protection. When you consider all the time, money, and prevention of costly damage gutter protection pays for themselves over time. Wize Home Direct offers two types of gutter protection to cover any budget and offers to finance options. Give us a call for your free quote at 828-212-0580.

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