DIY Homework Station & Home Office Organization

It’s back to school time are you tired of the kitchen table being taken over for homework or that your bills and paperwork? Regardless if you have young or older kids or just need a space for your self here is some great DIY projects to get organized.


If you have a computer, tablet, or phone then you probably have a cord problem. This simple, inexpensive hack can save the day. Just find any space on your table or desk to clipping binder clips.

DIY Trays & File Folder Holders

Ok, so technically any paper trays and file folder holder will do but how much more fun it is to use clear one and customize them. It’s a great way to organize all those papers you have probably have in a pile some where or stuffed in a drawer. You can take colored paper or scrap book paper and cut out the size you need to place behind the plastic and you have customized storage.

Mason Jars

Ahh, mason jars they are inexpensive with countless possibilities. You can stay simple  and just put your pins and supplies in them,  add chalk board labels, or even hot glue them together and place them on their side for a caddy. Paint them or make fun or pretty lids by hot gluing toys or plastic birds or even door knobs to the lid tops and spray paint. Make your own matching set with scrapbook paper by simply cutting out strips the length of the jar. You can put them inside the glass or tie string or ribbon around the outside.  The possibilities are endless for these.


Another great versatile item is pegboard you can get at any local hardware store. You can get small pieces and put them in a large picture frame, or cover the whole wall. You can leave them white, paint or stencil them to match your style and space.  You can also find lots of hooks and containers made to use on a pegboard or find your own cleaver ways to use it to store just about anything.


Short on space, have things that need to be shared, or just might be used in different places around your home? A cart is a great solution that can be made to fit any style or need. You can get several sizes of shelf carts or even bar charts. It’s a great solution for kids homework/art, crafts, or office items and books.

We know you love your home and want to not only maintain it with home improvement needs like gutters and windows that we can help you with but also everyday decorations and organization. Hope you like these fun tips and if you ever need hope improvements give us a call at 828-212-0580.

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