DIY Garden Paths

Build your own attractive and functional garden walkways using simple inexpensive materials. Do you have a well walked path in your yard or just want to add some interest? If so, here is the perfect DIY weekend project for you this spring. We have three levels, Fast and Easy to more time-consuming.

Design & Plan

Regardless of which project you pick the first step is to design and plan out your path. Figure out the pathway you want to do with budget and time frame in mind to determine how long and what type. Another factor to consider is what will complement your home and yard. If you have a brick or rock home you would also consider the same for your path. A contemporary home versus a rustic one should also be reflected in your pathway.  When you have decided what you want to use on your pathway figure out the length and width of the entire pathway to figure out the square footage and gather or order your materials.

Easy – Stone Pathway

Step 1. Take large stones and lay them out according to how you want them on your path. You could also use stepping stones and tiles for different styles.

Step 2. Use a garden trowel or spade to cut through the turf around each stone about an inch or two deep.

Step 3. Move the stone aside dig out the pattern of the stone. Keep the depth of you dig about the same as the depth of the stone so it will be close to flush with the yard. When done place the stone into the dugout space for each stone and you’re done.

Medium – A Gravel, or Mulch Pathway

Step 1. Mark off the path and dig out a few inches of dirt from the entire path.

Optional Step If you want to ensure no weeds or grass will grow along your pathway then you should consider putting down landscaping fabric.

Step 2. Add some type of edging to the sides of your path. It can be stones, bricks, wood, or metal garden borders.

Step 3.  Pour what you would like to be the pathway examples: crushed stones, small stones, mulch or cedar.  Then rake it over to smooth it all out to your preference.

A Step Further

If your time, budget, and patience allow it you can take your garden path to another level. This isn’t meant to be to the professional level of patterns and cement, but it can look professional. In this step, you do the same as the Medium up until step 2 when you have finished your edging. Now you can add whatever you want your main path to be made out of. This could be pavers, recycled bricks, flagstone, rock, or any number of stepping stones you have made or purchased. Be sure to carefully place them in the arrangement you would like and stay consistent down the entire path. No need to make it too complicated just put bricks in a role or a large stone with two smaller stones for example.

The last Step At this point, you would then fill in the surrounding areas with sand, crushed stone or small rocks. If you have bricks, for example, you would want to sweep sand over them to fill in the cracks. If you have rocks or stepping stones you may want to choose small rocks to fill in the rest of the area.

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