6 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe If Your Away For The Holidays

To make sure your holiday is safe and stress-free, follow these simple tips to keep your home and property safe this Thanksgiving or any time you are traveling.

  • Manage your mail delivery.

There is nothing more attractive to a burglar than an overflowing mailbox. If you are traveling for an extended period, it might be smart to contact the United States Postal Service to put a temporary hold on your mail here.

  • Install timers for indoor and outdoor lighting.

A savvy burglar will notice when lights are off in the evening, or when the lights have not been on for days. Timers can be set to turn on just before the sun goes down or at various times during the evening, giving the appearance of a busy, occupied home. They can also be found online or in stores for under $10.

  • Be mindful of your social media activity.

People with criminal intentions may also be scouring platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor to see who is out of town. Avoid posting your travel plans or sharing your trip until you’ve already returned home. If you do share turn off your location services.

  • Invest in a home security system.

If you are very concerned about being away from your home or often out of town you should consider getting a home security system. They can range in prices starting around $100 too much more expensive with monthly payments depending on your budget. You can get real-time notifications of any disturbances as soon as they occur and budget-friendly options are available. Often, installing a security system sign in a visible location in front of your home can be enough to deter a thief from attempting to target your property.

  • Secure all doors and windows.

An astounding number of burglaries occur because homeowners have forgotten to close a window or lock a seldom-used back door. Don’t forget to secure windows on upper floors as well. Burglars have been known to use tree limbs, ladders, and sheds to access higher entry points.

  • Don’t leave a hidden spare key.

Experienced burglars know the typical hiding spots. Even if they just get lucky, it’s a risk that you shouldn’t be willing to take. Never leave extra keys under the doormats or in planters that’s the first places a burglar will look. If you have a trusted neighbor or friend you could leave one with them. If that’s not a possibility you can install lockboxes or even keyless locks that use a code.

We want you and your home to be safe during the holidays and hope these can be some helpful tips to help. If you need any home improvements and live in North Carolina give us a call at 828-212-0580 for a free estimate.  

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