5 Tips for Picking a Roof Color

1. Think of your roof as a canvas.

A roof typically accounts for about 40 percent of your home’s overall exterior. With a wide range of beautiful dimensional colors and styles available in today’s asphalt roofing shingle market, you can bring the same energy to designing your exterior that you do to your interior.

2. Take the time to put your ideas together.

Just as with any design project, your exterior has several elements — from window shutters and trim to siding or brick — that will get tied together with your roof. For additional inspiration and help narrowing down what colors will work for your home, explore versatile shingle and color pairings with online style boards. From trendy to classic, your mood board or style board combinations can help you discover the architectural aesthetic that you want with your next roof.

3. Avoid feeling limited by what you already have on your roof.

When the time comes to replace your roof, take a moment to reconsider which color roofing shingles might improve your home’s overall look. While you may be tempted to play it safe and replace your current roof with the same exact shingle color, use this home exterior project as an opportunity to refresh your home’s appearance and boost its curb appeal.

4. Know the actual impact roof color has on cost.

There can be an actual cost difference between roofing shingle product lines and in a designer color and make a difference of making your budget. Our product experts can help you know your options and pricing. Also, did you know your roof color choice can make a difference in your energy bill savings, offer rebates, and even save you on taxes? Light roof colors help reflect heat instead of absorbing it into your attic. Ask about what energy star color options are available.

5. See the shingle color.

Experts recommend checking out homes in your neighborhood with the same roofing shingle color installed. If you can find a home with a similar roofline and pitch, you’ll get an accurate sense of how the shingle color will look in natural lighting.

If you are wondering about the health of your roof or know you need to replace it Wize Home Direct offers free design consultations with one of our roof experts that can answer all of your questions and help with color options.

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