3 Tips To Keep Your Basement Dry & Safe

With all the rain we’ve had in North Carolina lately are you aware if moisture is present in your basement? A wet basement is always a problem, but if it’s a persistent problem it can be devastating to the foundation of your home. The health of you and your family could also be at risk if mold and mildew are growing down there and spreading in the air throughout your home. Moisture often occurs with the elements like rain, snow, and rising groundwater seeping through cracks in your home’s foundation. Even if your basement isn’t connected to the living area of your home it is most often connected through ductwork and other openings. It can be a big health issue if the basement is used as part of your living space with the growth of mold and mildew in walls and carpets. Wize Home Direct is here to help and wants to give you solutions to these three common problems.

1.Bad or Missing Gutters

Do you have defective, not properly installed, or missing gutters? This can cause water to be directed towards the foundation area of your home and can cause water to get into your basement.

Ensure the proper installation of your gutters and that they do not have cracks, holes or leaking seams. This is also an important reason to keep your gutters cleaned out and not clogged with leaves and debris. You can ensure the proper flow of rainwater by keeping your gutters clear. You also want to make sure any water that comes out of your downspouts does so at least 4 feet from your home to ensure no pooling of water. If you need to address your gutters or want to have to hassle-free gutters with putting a protection over them give Wize Home Direct a call for a free gutter inspection. An effective gutter system will protect the investment of your home from greater damage and repairs.

2.Bad or Missing Basement Window Wells

Do you have basement windows? If so, you need to have properly working window seals and a working window well if it is on the ground.

Ensure your window well is reinforced with a coarse aggregate to the windowsill. It should have a drain tile extension from the base of the window to the footing to allow offshoot water away from the foundation. Earthwise Windows are custom built to fit your home and have strict regulations that are followed to ensure the quality of your window.

3.Leaking Water in Your Basement

Do you have cracks in your basement foundation or siding causing water leaks? This will cause damage to the interior walls and or flooring of your basement.

Fixing this problem right away is going to critical to the health of your home and possibly the health of your family. Wize Home Direct offers insulated vinyl siding and cement siding if this needs to be replaced made that prevents damage to the walls of your home. Proper insulation also gives you’re home a more elegant look and helps you have a more maintenance-free home safer from the elements.

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