3 Easy Steps To Create A Beautiful Fall Front Porch

It’s about that time again to pull out the cozy sweaters, drink pumpkin latte’s and find a bonfire. Leaves will be changing colors and falling soon and if you love any reason to have to decorate your front door or porch this one is for you. Of course, some people like to get elaborate but this is just a simple guide to stick to for a simple but beautiful formula.  Here are 3 easy steps to decorate your front porch from now to Thanksgiving. Anyone of these steps will work on their own or combined even better.

1. Fall Wreath

Any door needs a wreath to give it that special touch and the beautiful fall colors make it even better. Depending on your budget you can buy a gorgeous one online from Esty to Pottery Barn or if your feeling crafty make your DIY fall wreath. All you need is some fake foliage from any craft store and hot glue it to a vine wreath or you can get a foam one to push in your chosen decorations.  If you don’t think you have the time or skills to arrange something just use fall garland or red berries and cut the length of your wreath and glue. You can always add more if you like such as small pumpkins, ribbon or Your Initial. Their are no rules to how much or how little a wreath has on it just have fun and go with what you think is beautiful.

2. Pumpkin Tiers

Pumpkin Tiers in Urns just look classy and stylish but they don’t have to all look the same. Be creative and fit your style and budget. They can be real or fake, multi-colored or the same. Just keep the simple rule in mind that you need three different sizes and you want balance so one on each side. If you have urns or flower pots use them if you don’t you can buy inexpensive plastic urns online or just simply place them on your porch. If you use real pumpkins just keep in mind if they are healthy and uncut they can last 8-12 weeks from when they were cut. So just keep in mind if you want to use them from September through November they real ones might not make it that long. You will need to buy large enough wooden dowel rods from a craft store to go through them and keep them in place but this will lessen the time they will last for because of puncturing the pumpkin. Fake pumpkins you can glue or use a dowel rod in. You can even make your own if you’re looking for cheap or feeling crafty.

3. Fall Garland

If you just do the first two steps you will already have a beautiful fall front door but you might as well go the extra mile and add some garland. You can also find fall garland from expensive to cheap online or in a craft store depending on your time and budget. Just keep in mind you will probably need 3. One for the top and one for each side depending on how long you have to cover and length of garland. Then you can place them on your door with removable hooks and also use them for Christmas garland. You don’t have to limit yourself to leaves match your style and do some creative searching if you want something different for things like vines or berries.

That’s it, of course, you can add as much or as little as you like but this is a simple step to follow and ensure you have a beautiful front porch without getting lost in the tons of things you can do. You can always more or keep it really simple. Have fun and enjoy!

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